CCI Brotherhood


The Men of Reform Judaism has a branch at Congregation Children of Israel know as ‘Temple Brotherhood’. The purpose of the Temple Brotherhood is to stimulate & perpetuate Jewish culture & ideals through education & fellowship.

Brotherhood is open to all men of the congregation and takes pride in assisting & promoting temple activities such as:

  • Brunches with special guest speakers
  • Chanukah cooking
  • Monetary donations to temple
  • Mother’s Day brunch
  • Sukkot picnic
  • Super Bowl activities
  • Ushering for Shabbat services, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and High Holy Days services

The local community is also important to us and we have assisted in Interfaith & other public functions.

We welcome new members. Participation in Jewish communal life has become an integral part of the Brotherhood’s current programming & schedule.

Since the 1930’s our Reform temple has relied on the activities of the Brotherhood and has utilized the unique qualities of Brotherhood members to enhance Jewish life here at Augusta’s Congregation Children of Israel.

Please feel free to contact the, Brotherhood President for additional information at


Brotherhood Meetings

The Brotherhood generally meets on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 10:15 AM at the Temple. A program usually follow a business meeting that is kept as short as possible.